New Balance Recumbent Bike – A Recumbent Exercise Bike Worth Buying?

A question that’s been bothering many consumers looking to get in shape may have crossed your mind, too. What is a New Balance recumbent bike really worth? There are many lower priced bikes on the market that don’t actually live up to their claims of providing a good workout, and others break down quickly leaving you in the market to spend more money. So has New Balance managed to produce a low-end recumbent exercise bike that’s worth the money, or is it just another set to hit the trash heap?

The most talked about bottom end recumbent bike from this manufacturer is the New Balance 6100. This bike sells in the five hundred dollar range, though it can be found for less through some online retailers. At this price, you might expect it to leave a lot to be desired, but it actually offers a lot of features that can make for a good workout if you use it well. This is a lower-priced model that may be worth the money for many budget-conscious consumers.

This is a new balance bike that advances in terms of preset programming. It has eight resistance levels, all of which are controlled electronically as you pedal. There are also two preset programs that feed a continuous heart rate feed that comes from monitors located in the handlebar grips. As your heart rate changes in response to exercise, these programs will automatically adjust the resistance to keep you in an effective heart rate zone for intense calorie burning.

You’ll also receive one manual mode and nine other preset programs that will take you through various interval workouts that get your heart pumping and shed pounds. Interval training and hill climbing are some of the best cardio exercises you can do, and you’ll find that on this bike.

This bike also comes with a built-in water bottle holder and dual-sided foot pedals, allowing you to pedal comfortably even in bare feet. It will hold up to 275 lbs of body weight on a sturdy tubular steel frame.

When considering a New Balance recumbent bike, it helps to consider your needs in this type of equipment, and compare that to the features available on this model and others through New Balance. This is an affordable option for many consumers looking to get in shape, but for others, the more advanced features may be worth the extra cost.

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