How to play Craps with the Power Squeeze System

Craps is the casino game that everyone is curious about. It’s big and looks complicated, and when people win, it’s the loudest place in the casino. Like any casino game, some luck is involved in winning, but the flexibility and choices that craps players have allow them to position themselves to play hard when the dice get hot.

One of the things that makes craps so interesting is that you can interact with the game according to your own strategy. You can set targets that may be very different from the player next to you but both of you can win. Once you understand the basics of playing, you can become like a gymnast, who can move forward and backward on the balance beam. If you choose, you can put all your moves together and put together a routine.

An avid sect of players uses the gambling pressure system. Force squeezing is the general term to describe playing craps in an aggressive manner that steadily increases the size of the bets. House money (money generated from winning bets in the casino) is the preferred source of money for fattening bets. It’s a classic reinvestment of dividends.
The “power” in the term press to force refers to determining the raise of the bets. The player rarely receives any change after winning the number because all winnings are reinvested into the pot. Some power-ups require the player to collect a few bucks in order to achieve the next required bet level. Power presses can be done on one number or on several numbers at the same time.

To differentiate between plain old squeezing and hard squeezing, think of squeezing as speeding up a bit on the highway when you’re late for work. Pressing for power is like racing a car. You want to get around behind the car in front of you and build as much momentum in your system as possible before you swing forward and take the big win.

To start pressing hard, you need to have one or more place bets. Position bets are most suitable for pressing power because they win the first time the number rolls, unlike come bets, and the player has the option to take back the entire bet.
Now that you have a few bets in place, you can start pressing the salad. The following scenario would serve as an example of the power compression technique.

Basic six- and eight-force piston

Six and eight are the most common numbers to try to stress energy. This is because, after the ubiquitous seven, the six and eight are the most common rolls, so the numbers are frequently negotiable. Winning your position bets two or more times is the key to successful pressing and winning.

  1. You start with $6 bets on the six and eight. Your initial goal is to make $12 on the six and eight bets after only one win on the six or eight.
  2. The six rolls while the bet is running, and the $6 position bet pays $7.
  3. It says “Press six and eight” and gives the dealer $5.
  4. The trader would take the new $5 injected into the system and put it in with a return of $7, which equals $12. This will become your new $12 bet on the six. The original $6 on the six will be added to the $6 on the eight thus creating a second bet of $12 on the eight. If you roll an eight instead of a six in this scenario, the same things happen.
  5. So far you’ve invested $17 (original bet $12 plus $5 for a strong press) and you have $24 to go. The next six or eight spins, you get $14. Now your investment has been compensated except for $3, and the next profit will be a pure profit of $11. The $11 win is based on rolling six or eight three times without rolling seven when bets are active.

Remember, the key to maximizing winnings is to make bigger bets while winning.

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