About balance bikes

Bicycling can be a fun activity for both adults and children; However, one must first train how to maintain balance while cycling. For children, this is not difficult due to availability balance bikesThese help train young children at the age when they are learning to walk on their own. They are usually provided with kid-friendly designs that help kids learn faster to be on their own unlike those that come with training wheels.

Brief description of the balance bike

Designed for young children, balance bikes are so small that a child can pedal them off and still be able to place their feet comfortably on the ground while still sitting on the saddle. It is also made of metal and wooden parts to reduce its weight and reduce the chances of a child being injured. This also makes them more stable and easier to balance for someone who is still learning to balance their body. It can be fitted with either brakes or without as the chances of wanting to break are very low.

The child learns by using the balance bike.

Its size makes it ideal for those small steps; The child first learns to walk while standing above the saddle. This is even more useful because they even hold the bike in case they feel like they are losing balance. Then the child will learn to push the bike while sitting on it but with feet on the ground, this continues until they are brave enough to go. Kids learn quickly and eventually become comfortable with getting their feet off the ground and riding for shorter distances, then longer and with time they get better at it, no longer feeling intimidated cycling around the complex unsupervised.

These bikes are the ultimate in training little ones and are highly recommended to anyone with kids who wants to learn how to ride bikes in the near future. This is because as discussed above, children learn balance quickly which is the essential part of cycling. Tricycles can balance themselves, so it’s a discouraging skill to learn how to do it yourself.


Cycling is not only beneficial but it contributes a lot to the development of the child. To learn how to do this, balance bikes are proven to be more effective and better for teaching young children.

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