5 tips to keep your new 574 shoes from smelly

If you’re running a new Balance 574, chances are you’ll sweat in it and that can cause an unpleasant odor. This smell can be worse if your toes stay wet for a long time due to bacteria that can grow between your toes.

So, that being said here are 5 tips you can use to keep your running shoes from really stinking.

No. 1:

Make sure you choose the right type of socks because when you wear a good pair of socks designed for running, they will keep your feet and shoes dry. The reason for this is that most running socks are made of a synthetic material rather than cotton which tends to absorb moisture, keeping your feet moist. So try to avoid wearing cotton socks when running. The best socks are polyester or acrylic, but you can choose to wear wool socks during the winter.

Number 2:

Keep your new Balance 574 shoes in a suitable storage area where they will stay cool and dry. Another thing you may want to do is remove the insoles from the shoes to help keep them drier and prevent bacteria from growing.

Number 3:

Keep two or more pairs of running shoes available and switch between them. Giving your shoes time to air out between runs will also help keep them dry, which will prevent them from growing bacteria that can cause odors. Also, when you switch shoes every time you run, you reduce the chances of injury that can occur while running because it’s best to run with a fresh, dry pair of shoes.

No. 4:

You may want to consider getting an extra pair of accessories such as Dr. scholl’s or one of the now popular gel inserts that will not only give you extra cushioning to protect your feet and knees, but can also be easily rolled out for ventilation. You can buy a pair for each pair of New Balance 574 or any running shoes you have on hand or you can let them out and use the same pair for all of your shoes. However, I recommend keeping at least a couple of these around as well.

Keeping your shoes as dry as possible also helps prevent athlete’s foot, a condition in which your feet start to crack and also start to itch. This is caused by your feet being exposed to a lot of moisture over a long period of time, such as when your running shoes are left unattended and wet. Making sure your feet are completely dry before putting on socks can also help prevent this condition.

no 5:

Keep a box of baking soda in your house that you can sprinkle some in your shoes after every run. This is a great way to help absorb moisture and is sure to help prevent your shoes from getting that unpleasant odor often associated with running shoes.

Keep these tips in mind whether you choose to wear the 574 New Balance or a different style of running shoe. Your feet and shoes will thank you for it.

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