Indian Peacock: The Nationwide Fowl of India

Indian Peacock: The National Bird of India

India is a rustic with a wealthy historical past and revered tradition. The panorama is assorted from the Himalayan Mountains to the miles of shoreline on the Indian Ocean. Dense jungles and dry deserts present habitats for 1000’s of species of animals. With regards to birds, there are many magnificent chook species in India, like flocks of pink flamingoes, spectacular nice hornbills and the colourful rose-ringed parakeet.

So how does a nation select only one as its nationwide chook? Learn on to seek out out all in regards to the nationwide chook of India!

What’s the Nationwide Fowl of India?

Peacocks have a tendency to stay in small teams of 1 male and 3-5 females or a bunch of females and their younger.


The nationwide chook of India is the Indian peacock. One take a look at the Indian peacock strutting round to impress his mate, and also you perceive why this majestic chook was chosen to symbolize the nation. The gorgeous feathers are noticed with green-blue iridescent spots and could be fanned to create a powerful show. Do you know the feathers can get to be 5 toes lengthy? The male peacocks even have sensible blue heads and necks that bob whereas they stroll. Peacocks are the males’ names, whereas peahens consult with females, and each are peafowls.

The place do Indian Peacocks Reside?

The Indian peacock (Pavo cristatus) lives in India and Sri Lanka. They primarily dwell in forests, foraging round on the bottom for grain and berries, however they’ll additionally fly and roost in bushes. In northern India, it isn’t unusual to seek out peacocks wandering round close to cities. Peacocks have a tendency to stay in small teams of 1 male and 3-5 females or a bunch of females and their younger.

What do Peacocks Symbolize in India?

Indian peacock, showing its plumage from a hilltop, Sri Lanka, India. Peacock male, exotic blue and green bird from India. Peacock in the heights
Peacocks are sometimes featured in Indian artwork, structure and literature.


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Peacocks symbolize pleasure, grace, energy and energy. The peacock is a sacred chook for the Hindus and is regularly in Hindu legends and artwork. Some legends say that the feathers of the peacock defend towards evil. One legend explains that the Hindu god of rain, thunder and lightning, Indra, was combating Rayana when a peacock unfold its tail feathers to guard him. Due to its bravery, the peacock was given sensible coloured feathers. Peacocks proceed to be featured in Indian artwork, structure and literature.

Is the Indian Peacock Featured on the Indian Flag?

No. The Indian Flag has three horizontal stripes which might be orangish-yellow (saffron), white and India inexperienced. The flag’s middle is a blue wheel with 24 spokes representing the Ashoka Chakra. The wheel is supposed to point out “there may be life in motion and demise in stagnation.” The tricolor on the flag represents:

  • Saffron: energy and braveness of the nation
  • White: peace and reality with Dharma Chakra
  • Indian inexperienced: fertility, progress and auspiciousness of the land

What’s the Nationwide Animal of India?

The nationwide animal of India is the Bengal tiger. The subspecies of tigers present in India are known as the royal Bengal tigers and are discovered within the wild. There are 27 tiger reserves within the nation. Tigers are endangered animals, and the dwindling inhabitants is being actively monitored to make sure they continue to be part of India and the world. Royal Bengal tigers may also be present in Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Bengal tigers can attain 6-11 toes excessive and weigh as much as 300-650 kilos! They symbolize energy, agility and unimaginable energy, making them an honored animal within the nation.

What different Animals Reside in India?

India is without doubt one of the few locations on this planet the place you can find rhinoceros and different animals listed as endangered.


India has among the most wonderful animals on the planet. From the highly effective Bengal tiger to the long-lasting Asian elephant, the nation’s numerous habitats assist among the most unusual animals. India is without doubt one of the few locations you can find rhinoceros, one other animal listed as endangered. You can too discover Asiatic lions, blackbuck (a long-horned antelope), lion-tailed macaque, crimson pandas, Hoolock gibbons and pangolins.

With miles and miles of shoreline on the Indian Ocean, there may be a variety of marine life simply off the coast of India. Nearer to shore, you would possibly discover lobster, crabs, puffer fish, jellyfish and sea horses, whereas additional out, you could find dolphins, sea turtles, blue whales and sharks. There are a number of species of sharks within the Indian Ocean, just like the hammerhead shark, dusky shark, monumental whale shark and the aggressive nice white shark.

What different Birds Reside in India?

Probably the most frequent birds in India is the Indian myna. The myna is usually present in city areas, so it’s acquainted to the individuals of India. The rose-ringed parakeet is one other acquainted chook within the nation. These parakeets are brilliant inexperienced and have a crimson ring round their necks. Like different parrots, they’ll mimic people! The spectacular black stork winters in India all the way in which from Siberia. Just like the peacock, they’ve iridescent feathers that make them fairly stunning. One other chook with an uncommon coloration is the gray junglefowl, a sort of hen. The males have a crimson wattle and comb, golden speckled neck and delightful blue-green tail feathers.

The place can you discover the Nationwide Fowl of India?

If you’re visiting India and need to see the nationwide chook, the Indian peacock, there are a number of locations you’re prone to see them. There are a number of sanctuaries and nationwide parks the place peacocks are discovered, just like the Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary, Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary and Kasu Brahmananda Nationwide Park.

For a first-class expertise, you possibly can keep on the luxurious resort, the Rambagh Palace, the place they’ve 130 peacocks that roam all through their gardens. Take a stroll by way of the gorgeous gardens and convey your digicam to take wonderful pictures of those sensible birds! The nationwide chook of India doesn’t disappoint!

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